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Product number : LP210

Manufacturer : Foif
LP210 Laser Theodolite FOIF
Laser Theodolites LP210 series can be convenient to focus and adjust the laser brightness. The laser spot is visiable from eyepiece.

 LP210 series Laser Theodolite
● Laser Spot is  Visiable From Eyepiece
  With built-in diode the laser can be seen up to 200 metres away outside in daylight. The clear laser spot can also be seen up to 100 metres through eyepiece.
● Laser Brightness and Focus Adjustable
  It is convenient to focus and adjust the laser brightness.A sharp and clear laser is available in any situation.
● Integrated Design
  The laser device is integrated with telescope,resistant to dust,rain and other harsh elements.
● Laser Plummet is Available
● Wide Range of Application
  For setting out,the person placing the nail or stake can use the laser beam to help him align on the correct direction.

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