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Product number : NEDO TUBUS1

Manufacturer : Nedo

Pipe laser TUBUS1

Uncompromising quality for professionals,
reliable and rugged for tough construction jobs.
Thanks to its compact dimensions, in particular its
short length, the TUBUS1 can even be used in tight
pipe bends. The High-Power laser diode provides a
long range and ensures clear beam visibility at all

  • Extremely robust pipe laser
  • Water-proof to IP 68
  • Compact dimensions for use in tight pipe bends
  • Red High-Power laser diode for very good beam
  • Direct grade entry: -10% to +40%
  • Perfect visualization of operation mode: Green
    display for rising gradients, red display for falling
  • Align-Function to raise the laser beam out of the
    trench for easy line setup
  • Motorized transverse adjustment and automatic
    centre of range return
  • Remote control for easy and convenient handling
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries for long 
    operating life and quick charging
  • Including a set of 4 feet for easy adjustment to
    different pipe diameters



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